This holy book contains the divine speech of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan. It is full of nectar of His divine words of wisdom. A man becomes immoral if he sips "Amrita" of gods. In the same way, by holding these words of nectar in one's soul, the being achieves the state of enlightments, absolute immortality and dwells in Akshardham.


Code of conduct for devotees, saints etc. Written by Lord Swaminarayan

Janmangal Namavali


The holy Names of God,

Claim to tame your wandering mind;
Aim at building will-power,
It makes you win the game of life,
And brings you fame and fortune.

The recital of these holy Names of our Lord Swaminarayan will surely bring you fame, fortune and power; strength to win the battle of life and happiness of one and all; and gain Eternal Life in Akshadham.

Shree Janmangal contains 108 holy Names of Lord Swaminarayan. The number 108 is symbolic.

Number 1 means : You are worshipping God as being only one as Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan.
0 (zero) means : When you recite these Names, your sins, evil thoughts are reduced to zero.

Number 8 means : You get eight types of miraculous powers to fulfill all your noble desires. 


Nishkulanand Kavya

This Scripture is written by Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami. It contains following sub sections in poem form. 

Purushottam Prakash



Sneh Geeta


Saar Siddhi

Bhakti Nidhi 

Bhakta Chintamani 


Satsangi Jivan 

Written by Shatanand Swami

Hari Leelamrut

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Hari charitramrut Sagar


Vasudev Mahatmaya

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