1.     Shri VadtalDham Importance

The Village called Vadtal in India in the state of Gujarat has a great glory because the Supreme Lord Shri Swaminarayan was staying here often. The Vadtal is also known as “Vrutalaya”. Lord Swaminarayan himself installed idols of Shri Laxminarayan dev, Shri Dharma-Bhakti Vasudev, Rakha Krishana Dev and his own image as Harikrishna maharaj in this temple.

In Harileelakalpataru Book, H.H.P.P. Aadi Acharya Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj written than “the person who does daily darshan of Shri Laxminarayan Dev etc. will always get the liberation. The person who has committed sinful acts gets immediate relief after doing darshan of these deities. This person gets benefits of visiting all the holy places just by visiting “Vrutalaya” alone. Persons living all their life in other holy places gets benefits that can be equally received just by staying one day at Vadtal.”


In Harileelamrut Book, H.H.P.P. Acharyashri Viharilal Maharaj written that “all holy places including Vaikunth can not be equal to Vadtal alone. There are many holy places in the world such as Dhwarka, Mathura, Kashi, Ayodhya, Kanchi etc. None of them can be equal to Vadtal.”


Lord Swaminarayan says that the idols of Laxminarayan dev are same as it is in Vaikunth. The benefit of doing darshan of these Laxminarayan dev is more than person who goes to Chardham (Four known holy places in India) for hundred years by observing celibacy. Such is the divinity in these idols of Vadtal. In Satsangi Jivan Book, Lord Swamianrayan himself says that “There is no doubt that People who will come to Vadtal with devotion on Poonam (Full-moon day of the month) to do darshan of Shri Laxminarayan dev etc. will have their good wishes of this world fulfilled and will get liberation.”

While traveling to Vadtal, persons who donate to needy people to make Lord Swaminarayan happy will have all their good wishes come true.


2.     Shree Laxminarayan Dev

According to ancient scriptures and legends of Vadtal Dham, there was a forest called Hedamba Forest, in which there was a Berry tree (Indian fruit –bor). There is a great significance of this tree due to Goddess Laxmiji’s penance here.


Goddess Laxmi manifested herself on this earth as the daughter of Bhrigu. When she grew up, Bhrigurishi asked Naradji to find a suitable groom for his daughter. Naradji told to Bhrigurishi after looking at signs of Laxmiji that she belongs to Lord Vishnu Narayan. Bhrigurishi asked Naradji that how Lord Vishnu Narayan can marry with my daughter? Naradji said, Narayan can marry to your daughter only if she does penance. Bhrigurishi asked Naradji how can Narayan please immediately? Naradji replied there is a region called Charotar between rivers named Sabarmati and Mahisagar. In that region, near Dharu pond, there is a divine Berry tree. If Laxmiji does penance under that tree, Lord Narayan will be immediately pleased. Naradji then advised Laxmiji to chant the hymn “Om Bhagwate Vasudevay” - I bow to Lord Vasudev.


Laxmiji sat under this tree and chant the hymn to please Narayan for many decades. Narayan pleased with Laxmiji’s penance and appeared before her and granted two boons first to be united with Laxmiji in marriage and second to stay with her at this place for forever. Laxmiji then said to Narayan that she can be married with him only after his father will do the Kanyadaan. Narayan went to Bhrigurishi to seek his consent for marriage. Bhrigurishi arranged marriage of Laxmiji with Narayan. After their marriage, Narayan brought Laxmiji near this tree and told her “In future Lord Swaminarayan will manifest on this earth to establish Dharma and remove misery from people. He will also induce people with Samadhi—a state of spiritual trance.  He will build a big temple at your penance place and will install our idols in that temple. We will then live in those idols. Lord Swaminarayan will celebrate many festivals in that temple”.  After saying this, both Vishnu Narayan and Laxmiji went to their abode and waited for Lord Swaminarayan to manifest on the earth.


Lord Swaminarayan then manifested on this earth in 1781 in the village called Chhapaiya. While travelling as Nilkanth Varni at very young age, he came to Vadtal and met with Joban Pagi, a very famous Robber then of the Vadtal. While traveling as Nilkanth Varni, Lord Swaminarayan told to Joban Pagi that there will be a big temple at this tree in future.